Our Mission : How Zulu Foxtrot Came To Be

As I sat on my deck after one of my more crappy days, enjoying a glass of Kentucky’s finest and listening to the sprinklers watering the yard.

After contemplating life for a few minutes, I said to myself, “Zulu Foxtrot, move on!”

Then I thought, this world needs more Zulu Foxtrot.

So, I bought the domain, grabbed my crew and we designed the t-shirts, logos, decals, and built this website.

Along the way we got some outstanding support from both sides of the Pond, such as Ed Martinez Jr, former staff sergeant Dog Company, 3/509th , Tim Capper, former medic with 21 Zulu Battn & Parabat, SADF, the Prodigal Para himself, Andy Tyson, ex-3 Para & 4 Para of the British Parachute Regiment (check out his book from his Afghanistan time).

Civilians always ask, “What does Zulu Foxtrot mean?” while serving and ex-military smirk.

If you know, you know and if you don’t, well Zulu Foxtrot.

What kind of idiot starts a business in the middle of a pandemic?

This one, obviously 😉

But I’m blessed with a team of people, which includes other veterans as well as me, and we’re hiring more, plus we don’t give two fuggs for a pandemic.

We’re Americans and Brits with a burning desire to build this business, share the love by supporting veteran charities & non-profits, have as much fun along the way with bacon, beer and if my long-haired colonel approves, body shots!

We are committed totally to sourcing in America for all of our product as far as we possibly can – it ain’t easy – but we will not support cheap knock-offs from overseas to make an extra buck that takes away jobs.

All of our printing is done in Frederick, Maryland and home of Francis Scott Key, the guy who wrote the Star Spangled Banner (can you get more ‘Murica than that!).

All of our promotional and marketing work, plus fulfillment is done in Fairfield Pennsylvania (one street, no traffic lights, four cops and the best beer is at the Taverna 5450 – tell them I sent you and don’t sass Rita).

Our mission is to give you the very best American-made cool stuff, the very best service, create American jobs, give back to the veteran and military community, work our asses off and end the day with another glass of something good.

Meanwhile for the Brits, we’re looking at how to set up an operation in the UK so you get the same benefits as we have in America. British made, British jobs – but we need your help and support to make that happen.

We’re building this business in the middle of Covid-19 and why?

Because Zulu Foxtrot!